Rugby Race day, June 24, 2017. Country racing winter carnival

24 June 2017

Looking Bigger than a Haka at a Bledisloe match, The famous Rugby Races, with the Rugby teams Echidnas and Cods clashing on the day for the coveted Ice Bucket (holds around 20 schooners, winner take all) will be the beginning of the Club’s Country Racing Winter carnival.

It is the first of 3 racing and football meetings over the next 5 weeks, culminating in our second TAB meeting on July 29.  Our new race date of July 15 will belong to Cities Rugby League club, home club of Darren Lockyer.

The Turf Club will be putting up bonus money for trainers, horses and jockeys and we expect it will be a fabulous regional series with much entertainment and exciting racing.

TOTAL $20,000 in bonuses:

–  Jockeys 5k for 2 ($3.5k,1.5k split)

– 5k for leading horse ( 4,2,1 points for the horse and jockeys in the competition.)

-10k for the trainers (across the 1st. 2nd. 3rd – 4,2,1 and no points for starting so the locals are not favoured- $6.5K, 2.5k, 1k)

Then of course, there will be football.  The Reds development team (working on developing a better one with any luck) will take a session before noon at Bassett Park, .  The newly formed and ferociously enthusiastic rugby lads, the Cunnamulla Dingoes, will gather the dogs for the pilgrimage to the hallowed soft, green, cushy turf at Bassett Park (what a treat for the lads who will still be picking the scratchy black dirt out of their tag marks when they arrive).  They will face a combined Roma/Condamine kind of B-ish grade squad around 11am before the gallopers take to the track. A grade will take to the paddock around 4pm, as soon as the racing is sorted. We hope then to have some promising young fellas getting together a small display of friendly junior rugby to kick off after the main event (under floodlights, like the big football stars)

And of course there are furs, boots, gloves and berets, hopefully on the girls as well.  Fashions on the Field prizes and some heating (inside and out) by the bar with a band, who will of course, know Horses and Eagle Rock.

Gates open at 11am but there will be a REDS Clinic earlier in the day at Bassett Park for the adolescents – (we are making you show ID this meeting, so dont think you can be having your mid-life crisis and still get some on-field rugby coaching and a run on in the following 7s games).

Cunnamulla Dingoes are keen to have a crack at the Cods/Echidnas and it may be their first outing with the Rugby boys in Western Queensland. They will prepare a fast and furious 10’s side (no boring scrums) to take the field immediately after the races, around 3.30pm

The Hot 95.1 Radio crew from Toowoomba (Roma’s Favourite Radio station) will be helping us judge Fashions on the Field and we will be looking for APPROPRIATE winter footy and racing fashion – apparently the judges dont want to see stilletos and huge Ascot style hats.  The outfit needs to be a stylish combination of winter layers, more relaxed, footy match appropriate (so no sparkling headdresses, no dinner suits or top hats and definitely – please please please – no leggings, worn as pants, they are really not pants, at all, ever.) NB  See our fashion tips on our event page in facebook.

BRISBANE BOYS COLLEGE will host a lunch with Reds Players Nick Frisby and James Tuttle, who will also speak briefly about their season (it will be pretty brief)in the upstairs (warm) bar at NOON and there will be food and drink involved.  Any rugby fans or those who like corned meat sandwiches are welcome.  Know they will be glued to the Bar televisions later that night to watch the Wallabies play Italy in the first Test of the Season.

Then, an absolute treat for the fans of womens sport (and we no all our egalitarian clients are) with the Codettes and the Dalby Wheatchix ruck and rolling around the centre oval in between races for their 7’s competition game.

The racing should begin around 12pm, the footy should finish around 5.30pm and the extreme fun and dancing around 6pm.  We hope you can join us for our first Winter Carnival event this year.

All this for the bargain basement entry fee of $7 (barely covers the Bassett Park cleaning fees) or included in your Membership. (along with every other meeting including the extraordinary Roma Cup, the new TAB footy and fillies day and the first Cities day in mid July).

Footy and Racing, we are full of it this winter.


1 12.00Roma Vet Clinic Maiden Plate   1000m
2 12.50Qld Reds we still love you Open 1000m
3 1.40Roma Gas Supplies Rugby Slipper (QTIS) 1000m
4 2.15SANTOS class 3 Handicap 1200m
5 2.55Sport of Kings & Game played in Heaven benchmark 60 1640m




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