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Thank you for contacting Roma Races. If you would like more information about our race meets, please contact either Roma Picnic Race Club or Roma Turf Club.

We want to talk to you, we really do. Keep in mind that there are not many of us on the end of the phone and come Race Day, we can be a teeny bit busy (think headless chook).  So if we are snippy on the phone, it might be because the information is already up on this website for your perusing pleasure. Emails will always be answered and we can send lots of cool stuff that way too (invitations, links, packages, programs and the odd photo).  Talk to us and we will endeavour to respond asap.

Email us at Roma Turf Club  –

HOWEVER……. Before you do, have a look at the questions below, it may help and if it doesnt, we can assure you there are no stupid questions (and we have heard our fair share of queries), just ring and we will eventually find an answer for you.


1.  Does my Turf Club (eg Roma Cup) membership cover me for the Picnics?

Not even a little bit.  It is a separate club, separate events and this is the only event run by the Picnics, and the membership only includes their annual weekend (ball, races, after party).  The Turf Club membership is every racemeeting throughout the year included the Cup.  Belonging to both is not only sensible but deeply cool.

2. Can I give my tickets booked in my name to someone else?

Yep, we are non-discriminatory, our scanning system just recognises the bar code and the actual ticket, from Joe Blow to Attila The Hun, we will let you in.  We do however require names for the Ball seating so please give us a call, txt or email to let us know if the names of your guests change for that purpose only.

3. Can we bring our own picnic, drinks on raceday?

Yes and No.  We don’t mind you bringing in your special beetroot and pomegranate sushi on the day, as long as it is not in an esky.  We do mind if you bring in drinks  (come on, we have to make a living somehow) and Liquor Licensing says we are the only ones responsible for your consumption on the premises, dont make us chuck you out.

4. Can I smoke at the Park?

We generally have some designated smoking areas even though Bassett Park, as a sporting arena, is a no smoking zone.  If we see you smoking outside of those areas we will assume you are on fire.

5. Is there a dress code?

Its another Yes and No answer.  We like you to not look like you have been partying on a Greek island for the last 3 weeks or slept under the Harbour Bridge the night before but we have no Dress Police and while there will be some askance looks thrown your way, punters are an eclectic bunch and if you dont want to go to the Members area (fully clothed, button ups, shoes shined, lingerie on the inside of the frock and hair combed or covered by a hat) then we will no doubt spot you in the hurley burley of the general public areas.  Oh, and the Ball is Black Tie, which generally is regarded the inclusion of a Black Bow Tie with the dinner suit.  Ball frocks for the girls.  Once again, we wont take away your prawns if you are in a cocktail dress or prefer plaid bow ties to black ones.

6. Can I just buy a Ball Ticket/ or just a Members raceday Ticket?

Here we go again, No, you cannot just buy a ball ticket, you need to buy the $166 weekend ticket and if you blow your bundle on Friday night and can’t gather yourself for a day in bright light on Saturday, then you can give the rest of your ticket to another lucky punter.  Raceday members tickets however will be available at a cost of $77 as soon as all the Full Members tickets have sold, probably around mid February.  Keep your eyes peeled for the notification. (facebook)

7. Does my entry ticket cover me for the after party til 2am on Sunday morning?

Definitely.  Once you are in the Bassett Park and have your 18s ID checked, you can stay or come and go as you please.  In fact you would be silly to leave.  Best value music, entertainment and social company anywhere for $25.  Of course, if you are under 18, you are going to have an early night as we have to exit you around 7pm.  We are protecting your sensitive pre-frontal cortex until you are fully mature.  Come back and see us at 18 or maturity, whichever comes first.
For information on racing in general, try

Roma Picnic Race Club Inc

ABN 35 266 400 440

PO Box 532 ROMA QLD 4455
Phone: (07) 4622 2607 (race day only)
Mobile: 0409 898 623
Fax: Gave this up when Miley Cyrus started shaving. Try scan and email

Roma Turf Club

ABN 27 002 336 434

PO Box 294 ROMA QLD 4455
Phone: (07) 4622 2607 (race day only)
Mobile: 0409 898 623

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