Fashions on the Field


if you thought the prizes are the best thing about the Picnics fashion, then It’s all about the Sash at the Roma Cup.  A tough gig to take out but so worth the 15 seconds of fame on the catwalk to a cheering crowd and an instagram image that will last forever.



We will have the usual categories, including a groups category (you know, the standard Classic, Contemporary, Millinery and blokes although we are open to suggestions?)

Registrations will be open at the FOF marquee next to the Main bar, from noon.  Parading will begin about 1.45pm. Keep your lippy fresh and your hat on til then.

We do have Origin 2018 tickets, Qantaslink flights, Hotel packages and hard cash, of course, among other exquisite girly type presents in cute gift bags.  But we also have cracker sashes, which you can wear all afternoon and to bed that night.  We know you want to.

Call us if you would like to co-ordinate your outfit with our sashes.  We can work it.

Tips for aspiring FOF champions:

  • our judges are not local, nor are they necessarily up with the latest fashion trends (the Betoota Advocate’s Clancy Overell can hardly be called a fashion plate – sorry archie).  They are of course, able to be influenced, by style, class, dance moves or lack thereof.
  • Co-ordination is the key – this matches this matches that etc.  with a twist.
  • There will be a catwalk, there will be music, there will be lots of people watching.  We take photos, lots and we can send them to you if you contact us, no charge. We also socially digitise them, world famous in Roma. So a little Pataky pose on catwalk will please the paparazzi
  • The competition is fierce so dont think you can get up there in your last year’s Sass and Bide and come out with the big prize.  The judges like originality and pizazz.  Lumps of it.
  • We are not looking for designer gear either necessarily, although we are aware that Marj Dingle’s Frock Boutique in Betoota turns out some ripper items, but often the ones that take out the prizes are recycled, homemade or jazzed up outfits from another time.  It’s all about how you wear it.
  • There is always a place for the dignified, the classic, the full stockinged, black and white, behatted and handbagged, from another era, style of outfit.  Always.  It’s refreshing after all the colour and movement.
  • Gents, keep it simple. Bozo the clown or Borat never won any fashion prizes.
  • There will be a group category again, for the Where’s Wallies, the Upper Cambooya West Rugby League team and the Thangoul Tiddlywinks Club.  If you want to win a bar package, get your mates and co-ordinate, theme and take it away.

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