Fashions on the Field


WARNER’S FINE JEWELLERY  fashions on the field 2018


Dont expect to get a prize without one.

There are a few styles to choose from;

The Boater:As long as it doesnt have your School Prefect badge on it, it will look summery and conventionally stylish





The Percher (describing position rather than likeness to Fish)

Can look cute, jaunty but watch the low hanging decor.

The Crown

Doesnt muss up your hair, easy to take off without suffering ‘hat head’ and suggests Princess-dom

The Halo.

For Angels or Saints, of the fashionable kind.










Helps with bad hair days, also impervious to extreme wind or champagne explosions and no need for hat boxes.


Warners Fine Jewellery Principal, and avid race goer, Kate Marland, (see above pic in navy turban) has some more tips for the season.

1. The Picnics officially fall into Autumn, therefore felt hats are on the menu. However fur accessories are best left for Winter events, after all it is western Queensland and a fur gilet May see you pass out with heat stroke.
2. Hosiery, with closed toe shoes and gloves are a must for Classic ladies.
3. If you would consider wearing your chosen outfit to a nightclub or the beach, then perhaps re-think wearing it to the races.
4. Fashion trends come and go, so be true to your individual style.
5. Turbans are very hot right now.
6. The most important accessory on the day is a smile. Happy and friendly people are always the prettiest people.
7. Gents, keep it classy and be respectful to all ladies on the day.
8. Have fun!!

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