Royal on 99 Roma Cup – could we become any more awesome?

17 November 2018

The annual superlative country race meeting in Roma (although our fame and awesomeness is not confined to the south west of Queensland) is on November 17 – the end of Spring Carnival, the beginning of Summer Holidays and always in the middle of dramatic weather conditions in western Queensland (if you don’t find us that spectacular, you will definitely be impressed by the 40C heat and the random resulting storms)

Roma Races experience in summary (detail will follow):

On Friday, there will be a Calcutta, with a guest speaker (tbc) at the Royal on 99. 

  • RACES  -(believe it or not, we have them), 8 on the day, broadcast on Sky channel around the globe, so your chance to wave to the rellies in South Sudan or our existing fan club in Central Africa, the land of big punters apparently) From about 1pm to 5.30pm with the Roma Cup running about 4.30pm
  • tickets – we want you to pre-purchase, helps us with toilet allocation (no one wants to see anything bubbling out of the amenities), beverage supply and queues.  We also use tickets for our bars, which makes our service more efficient and gets you in and out of the bar queue quickly so you can watch those races (as if)
  • Gates open at 11am on race day but campground is open earlier in the week, from Thursday for  ticketed camping. Racing begins around 1pm
  • Gate Entry will get you into the main concourse for the duration of the event, (1am Sunday morning). EVERYTHING ELSE IS AN ADD-ON

    We want you to book online, assists with chairs order.  The Gate entry price online is $35 but it will jump up on the day, to a Box Office price of $40.  Get in before the event to secure the discount.

  • Track Party  with all food and beverages (spirits, buffet all day, on the winning straight, inside track, access to main concourse in between races, bookies and entertainment )supplied for the one ticket price during the day.  Open at Noon, til 5.30pm
  • Landmark Harcourts Members Marquee with air con, spirit pour paypass drink ticket bar, and finger food all afternoon with best sausage sizzle in town. Open til midnight
  • Camping (per person ticket)- a swag, a van, a bus, a ute complete with blow up pool, pop up marquee and bbq is required equipment for the weekend. No spaces booked out in particular, just book online so we know we can fit you in. We provide the paddock, the toilets, the showers (with hairdryer points and mirrors) and hope that you all can be good neighbours, not dance on our shed roofs, not play Amity Affliction on the car speakers at 2am and mostly keep your clothes on, respecting other residents. Please
  • Private marquees are available on request: 6 x4m space with 3 tables, 25 chairs, shared private bar, winning straight frontage and access to the Members marquee – $800 plus gst.  No gate entry included, catering available or bring your own, guests as you like (we like you to have a few of them but if you are keen to Nigel it in your own space, so be it – no Social Police, they have gone the same way as the Dress Police. Taking 5 at the bar) Please contact us to book.
  • Entertainment: (as if we need any with all of you coming along??) Apart from the sport, we will have plenty of colour and movement on the day.  At night, (ah, the post race party is legendary) there will be Route 33 (they have been practising Horses for you) and Caitlyn Shadbolt. Country rock magic.

– Races of course, all afternoon with some of the best athletes in Queensland and northern NSW.

Fashions on the Field. From around 3pm on the Main Stage. (click for the Fashions page advice, in a fashion) An eclectic mix of class and bushie shenanigans.  Good prizes and guarantee of social media and mainstream media fame. Some sense of sartorial co-ordination required. The ladies competition is fierce.  It’s all About the Sash

— Watching the passing parade. All day, all night.

– Our signs, you will want to read our signs. Instructional AND entertaining


  • Go to tickets to get a better description of our packaged areas.   NB:  We do not mail out tickets, you should be emailed a bar-coded ticket from the ticket site, which we need for scanning at the gate.  If you do not receive that ticket, check junk mail or go to Ticket Recovery
  • Go to our facebook and instagram pages to get the vibe and real information
  • Email us for further information.
  • If it makes you feel better, call us, we don’t mind. Much. 0409 898 623. There is only one of us on the end of the phone most of the time (no departments, no extensions, no fobbing you off to the admin assistant, just the one club secretary answering the phones, organising the flower arrangements, restocking toilet paper and stacking up on zipties and gaffer tape ……. don’t get me started ) so be patient.
  • THINKING OF CALLING US? – READ HERE FIRST FOR ROMARACES 2018: (saves us putting on our recorded message voice to answer everyone closer to the Cup)

    1. Yes, we are a long way from a city (6 hours on a First World Highway with a few third world potholes) but you can see stars, yes it will be hot and yes we are very hospitable in the country and there are ATMs, intermittent phone reception and running water.
    2. We do have camping,  in the back of a ute, swag with your own blow up swimming pool.  Caravans and some power accessible. Online ticketing required, no spaces reserved, first in best dressed.  Get here early for the spots under a shady tree. Bring your own leads to plug in anything, limited power available. Showers, toilets, hair drying and straightener plugs and mirrors which are  guaranteed to make you look as fabulous as possible under the fluorescent light. Camping ground open and happily partying away 24 hours.  Bring your debit/credit card if you havent bought online and pay at the gate. But we want you to buy online, so we know if you will have to sleep near the toilet block or not. EVERY PERSON REQUIRES A CAMPING TICKET
    3.  We have free buses all day saturday only – picking up and delivering back to all accommodation places around town from 10.30am to 2am the next morning. Just stand on the footpath outside your accommodation and flag down the roma cup bus.
    4.  Free breathalyser on sunday morning.    for all campers.  Grab some food at the park,  teamed with a coffee, provides stomach lining for the on-journey . Our coppers will love you for it.
    5. Yes, it is the country but YES, we do frock up.  Hats, heels, ties, safari suits, hair product. We like to see you making an effort.  Bring your pluggers for the dancing at night.
    6.  Your gate entry ticket allows you into the park for as long as we are open, after party included.
    7.  We are a no longer a mid-strength event.  Pace yourselves.
    8. We will have a security lodgement point at the drink ticket stand. We have enough lost property on file now and don’t need anymore phones, hats, shoes, wallets, fascinators or other objects which vary from bizarre to downright disgusting.  So, you lodge it with us on raceday, at the drink ticket stand, we will do our best to keep it safe til you are capable of looking after it yourself.
    9. Can I give my tickets booked in my name to someone else?   Yep, we are non-discriminatory, our scanning system just recognises the bar code and the actual ticket, from Joe Blow to Attila The Hun, we will let you in.  Once.
    10. Can we bring our own picnic, drinks on raceday?   Yes and No.  We don’t mind you bringing in your special beetroot and pomegranate sushi on the day, as long as it is not in an esky.  There are plenty of food vendors onsite who are also trying to make a living. We do mind if you bring in drinks  (come on, we have to make a living somehow) and Liquor Licensing says we are the only ones responsible for your consumption on the premises, dont make us chuck you out.
    11.  Can I smoke at the Park?   We generally have some designated smoking areas even though Bassett Park, as a sporting arena, is a no smoking zone.  If we see you smoking outside of those areas we will assume you are on fire. Extinguishers abound
    12.  Does my entry ticket cover me for the after party til  Sunday morning?    Definitely.  Once you are in the Bassett Park and have your 18s ID checked, you can stay or come and go as you please.  In fact you would be silly to leave.  Best value music, entertainment and social company anywhere for $36.  Of course, if you are under 18, you are going to have an early night as we have to exit you around 7pm.  AND you will not be allowed on the park unless you have a guardian or parent with you. (this excludes of -age boyfriends, best mates, some random bloke you picked up at the taxi rank and paid to come in with you)  We are protecting your sensitive pre-frontal cortex until you are fully mature.  Come back and see us at 18 or maturity, whichever comes first.




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