19 November 2016


2016 – We could spin you a bush yarn about streamlining our event, about tailoring the design, about making us a clean, green, keen weekend…… but that’s not our style, we tell it like it is (we were found out pretty quickly the couple of times we  tried the other way).  You have made Roma Cup too big, too much fun, too unwieldly, too complicated, too much for us to handle (we are a simple lot out here).

This year, Roma Cup is being brought to you stripped down (steady, Eagle Rock hasnt played yet), bare bones, back to original style, no frills.  No inside track, no epic track party, no track crossing, no fuss.

One side of the track, everyone, heaps and heaps of marquees to protect from sunstroke, food, bands, bars, bookies, horses, and you, all of you, in the one place, getting to know each other, altogether.

We reckon it will be good, clean, sweaty fun, you will find all your mates, lose all your gear, hug, chat, kiss, sip, dance and mingle in the one spot. It will be just like gathering Beyond the North Wall, less chance of frostbite.

Ticketing will be a breeze, you won’t need to call us at all. We love talking to you, mostly only in office hours. See the FAQs at the bottom of the page before you call.

The Racing: (believe it or not, that’s what we do)RCup1-1

Now we know you all come out ONLY for the great racing, so be at the track by midday to see some of the best thoroughbreds in Queensland take on the Bassett Park sand track. Eight races including the hotly contested Roma Cup, which is a thriller, twice around the track in a test of staying power.

Have a flutter if you see something you like (pretty silks and fit fetlocks are generally worth a punt). We are a TAB meeting, so let your auntie in Auckland know that she can put a bet on the Roma Cup from across the ditch and then promise to wave to her during the afternoon on the international tv stream.

FASHIONS ON THE FIELD : from 12.30pm on raceday in the FOF marquee (beside the Main bar)

Take a look at our categories, our judges and our prizes.

By 3pm we reckon you will need a cuppa.  Try the Wool Hall, air con and filled with tea and cupcakes for a few pennies.

  • MAIN STAGE: (fondly known as the Snake Pit)

gcOur fave covers band, in fact the best covers band we have ever seen, (they really are pretty) GOLDEN CHILD, will start warming up early in the evening. They love requests, especially Horses, they never get sick of that one, ever.



You will really want to hear these guys make music


  • BASSETT PARK CAMPGROUND: (no bookings required but buy a ticket online just so we know how many snags to throw on the barbie)Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 4.51.54 pm (2)
  • Sunday morning, crawl out of your swag to a discounted breakfast burger, a coffee van and a free breathalyser to help you on your way.

We don’t reserve spots, first in, best dressed and there are some powered sites in the paddock. Bring your tent, your ute, your pool and your very best behaviour and we can guarantee toilets, showers, warm weather and starry nights.

We are all about a safe event and a happy, stoney cold sober journey home.

    Now you are at the business end of the page…….



The all purpose general ticket to get into the ground, see all your mates, make new friends and hear music, dance like a loon and cheer for your favourite jockey.

  • GATE ENTRY AND CAMPING – (all weekend) Ticket $55

All weekend, showers, starry nights, swimming pools (byo) and almost as much fun as the raceday

  • MEMBERS TICKETS ALL DONE (dont call us to beg, they really are gone)

A little more decorum required (ie No drinking from Shoes and socks required for the blokes). Finger food, air con, flowers on the tables, easy bar access, a few minties and trackside viewing with the Big Screen right in front and exclusive bookies at your disposal.  You will never want to leave.

PRIVATE MARQUEES: None left, book early next year


There are 9 races, beginning around 12.09pm  And lots of fun in between, afterwards, all night long…

1   12.09 WILLIAMS HALL CHADWICK Maiden Plate 1000m
2    12.49 McInnes Wilson Lawyers Class 1 1000m                              
3    1.24 Ladbrooks Butchery/Goodyear Autocare Roma Tyre & Battery

BNCHMK 55 1200M

4   1.59 XXXX Benchmark 55 1200m
5   2.39 Roma Transport/LJHooker

Bchmk 65  1200m

6   3.14 Coca Cola QTIS 3YO 1200m      
7   3.54 Royal on 99 Roma Cup 1640m  
8   4.34 Roma Explorers Inn HANDICAP BCHMK 55 1640M
9   5.17 Boyd Harms Memorial Open Handicap 1000m


 FAQ’S (you know you will have them, see if this gives you the answer you are looking for and if not, give us a call, There are no stupid questions but we have a few stupid answers we are willing to give out the closer we get to the Cup)  Check it here first:

1. Yes, we are a long way from a city (6 hours on a First World Highway with a few third world potholes)but you can see stars, yes it will be hot and yes we are very hospitable in the country.

2. We do have camping,  and in the back of a ute, swag with your own blow up swimming pool.  No bookings at all, first in best dressed.  Get here early for the spots under a shady tree. Campground is open 24 hours so whatever time you get here, we can take your money and settle you in.

3.  We have free buses all day Saturday only – picking up and delivering back to all accommodation places around town from 10.30am to 2am the next morning. No, they dont pick up in Injune, Darwin or Biloela.

4. The breakfast Sunday morning is $5 for all campers, burger etc. Breathalyser while you wait. Coffee van to kickstart.

5. Yes, it is the country but YES, we do frock up.  Hats, heels, ties whatever, we like to see you making an effort.  Bring your flatties for the dancing at night.

6.  Your gate entry ticket allows you into the park for as long as we are open, after party included.

7.  We are a mid-strength event from 6pm.  Pace yourselves.

8.We will have a security lodgement point at the drink ticket stand this year cause we are really very weary of collecting your phones, hats, shoes, wallets, fascinators and other objects which vary from bizarre to downright disgusting.  So, you can lodge it with us, we will do our best to keep it safe til you are capable of looking after it yourself. Then, if you still leave it behind, we will post if on Facebook , of course

9. Yes, if you are under 18 you are welcome, with a parent or guardian (not your 20 year old boyfriend/girlfriend).  You will be required by liquor licensing to be off the park by 6.30/7pm.  For your own safety and in the interest of us not being fined and losing our liquor license.

10. No alcohol can be brought into the park, you can of course have it in your camping area but not in the Car Park – the local constabulary will be on the look out there and interested in some ticketing if you are caught consuming there.





Opening Times:
11am - 2am


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The information listed is correct at the time of publishing and may change without notice

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