Roma Picnic Race Club

Welcome to the Roma Picnic Race Club, located in the Queensland city of Roma – the hub of the Maranoa Region approximately 550 kilometres west of Brisbane.

The Roma Picnics are renowned for more than country racing. The sport has been linked to Queensland’s largest and fastest growing industry, tourism.

City and country folk travel from interstate and internationally to soak up the atmosphere of the Roma Picnic Races.

Often dressed to the nines in the latest season’s race fashions, the crowds come to experience the transformation of a country town into what feels like the racing capital of the nation.

An atmosphere of country sophistication means tradition stands tall at the Roma Picnics. Fashion on the Field is taken extremely seriously and the time-honored “coat and tie” dress standard is refreshingly maintained.

An Annual Black Tie Ball is held on the night before the race meet to kick start the weekend.

Our History

The time-honored tradition of horse racing has a rich and colourful history in Queensland and none more so than that of the Roma Picnic Races.

It is believed that the Roma Picnic Races started after a dispute broke out in a local shearing shed on the property of “Bellevue”. In order for the locals to determine a resolution to the dispute a horse race was organised near Camp Creek.

To this day the outcome of the challenge is unknown however the race was the birth of what we now know to be the Roma Picnic Races.

The first race meet was for grass fed horses only and so the Picnics tradition was born. The racing of locally owned horses, raised in the paddock, was well supported by the district and continued for the next almost nine decades until Racing Queensland standardised all clubs and the Grass Fed tradition was no more.

Today, the Roma Picnics is a two day event held in the Autumn featuring a black tie ball the evening before the race day and a five race program.

The Facts

  • Originally the Picnics where named the “Campanui Picnic Races”
  • The club was officially founded in February 1901
  • The first race took place on 7 June 1901 and 70 horses competed in the event
  • The Picnics were held at Camp Creek and then Hargreaves Paddock on Bungil Creek before being disbanded in the 30s
  • The Picnics were reinvented after World War II and held at the grounds at Mitchell Road until moving in 1969 to the current location at Bassett Park
  • 2018/19 Committee Members

  • Scott & Penelope Arthur– President

  • Danny & Katie Wells – Vice President

  • Andrew and Sarah Harland – Junior vice president

  • Graham Webb – Treasurer

    • David and Netty Jensen
    • Sophie and Warwick Cooper
    • Charlie & Elizabeth Frith
    • Rob Taylor
    • John and Angela Frith
    • Will and Jessica Nason
    • Belinda and Hugh Chandler
    • John & Kate Scott
    • Lyle and Kara Waldron
    • Sarah and Rohan Parkinson
    • Daryl Wilkins
    • Amanda and Ben McDougall
    • Elspeth Barker
    • Samantha and Paul Eakin
    • Graham and Amy Webb
  • Lisa Bertolotti – Secretary

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